He then claimed that the concept of business is the exchange of values by taking into consideration the fundamental principles, purposes and ethics. He also mentioned the difference between business today and business in the past.

Nowadays, business is more focused on 3Ps that is profit, people and planet rather than profit alone.

The talk given was not only limited to business but as well as emphasising on critical thinking. He further explained between the law and the principle of an individual by simply asking ‘ Is 1+1= 2 or 1+1=1?”. Many students gave different answers based on their perceptive. Ain Arisha, a student answered ‘‘If you ask a child what is 1+1, that child will answer 1 because he does not know it supposed to be 2 according to the law of maths’’. Simply, the question was actually based on how you see it whether by principle or by law.

This talk also brings out the importance of curiosity. The students were encouraged to think beyond principle and laws. He advised us to thinkmore critical andapply it in our daily life. Everyone was inspired by his charismatic attitude and his point of view towards business.

His next part of the talk was about the undergraduate programme offered at UUM COB. There are 16 courses offered under five schools at UUM COB. We were exposed and given insight of what each programme is about.

The talk ended 4:30pm. It was really an interesting and meaningful. The students were honoured to involve in this discourse series as it enhanced their mind set, enabling them to think more critically and be able to understand business more deeply. “Thanks to Prof. Dr Zakaria. We are now able to understand the philosophy behind business and have a vivid picture of undergraduates programme offered in COB”, said Thivyaa Kalaiarasan.