The talk began with a simple yet a meaningful question, ‘’How can Arts and Science be combined when they are different in nature? ‘To illustrate her point, Prof. Huda began by relating her explanation to the construction of a building. According to her in order to construct a building, both skills and a creative set of mind were needed. At the same time, behind every work of art, there would be the work of science which would come into play. Without the sufficient knowledge of the measurement of bricks and cement as well as the volume of clay to use, the work of art in the form of a building could not be built. In other words, arts and sciences needed each other. Though astounded with her point of view, attendees could not but agree with her.

The talk also highlighted on the need for students to think broadly and explore other fields of study. It was a known fact that most of the foundation students had expressed their keen interest to pursue a degree in accountancy.   Many prospective students chose to pursue it as they were only familiar with the particular field of study often associated with UUM - the Eminent Management University. Prof Huda advised attendees to open up their mind and explore other options made available to them. In doing so, it would enable them to make the right choice when deciding on their fields of study to pursue in their undergraduate programme.

The talk also gave much needed insights to students about the problems faced by the nation. More than 54 000 graduates were reported to be underemployed and the number was on the rise. Interestingly, the demand for accountants and graduates in the fields of business and human resource were said to have dwindled.

Next, the attendees were also introduced to the various undergraduate programmes offered at UUM CAS. All in all, a total of 11 courses were offered by 6 Schools at UUM CAS.  Two other courses namely Bachelor of Arts with honours (Linguistic and IT) and Bachelors of Arts with honours (Contemporary Literature & Creative Industry Management) were expected to be offered next year under School of Language, Civilization and Philosophy (SLCP). Attendees were also given insights to the respective programmes offered at the various Schools at CAS.

‘’Thanks to Prof Huda,we now have better understanding of the meaning of Arts and Science and have a vivid picture of the undergraduate programmes offered at CAS”, said Mohamad Faiz bin Fazli, when met herewith after the talk. The talk had really turned things around as the students were eager to know more about the courses offered at CAS. Attendees expressed their delight and gratitude for affording them with the opportunity to participate in a discourse session such as this as they had a better understanding about the topics discussed and all things related to it. Even though many of the attendees were still unsure of which course to enrol in for their undergraduate programme, they were glad to know that there were other equally interesting programmes which they could consider. Indeed, the talk managed to spur greater interests amongst the students to find out more about the fields of arts and sciences.